Get Connected To Virtual World With Aerial Marketing

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaz7aaaajgy5zwyzmdgwltmyodctndu5zc05njq4lwe5zwzlytbkzjqxmqAerial marketing is a type of advertising which is done with the use of aircraft. They use many types of tools for aerial marketing like balloons, airships, transport, display or advertising media. It can be static which can be done by using banner, logo, lighted sign and branding sponsorship. We can do aerial marketing in active forms like animated bright, signage, audio or skywriting.

It is the very efficient tool for captivating large chunk of an audience and has become a large source of advertising. There are many strategies located like Balloons, Banner and skywriting. A broader range of audience can be attracted along with the help of long-range of vehicles like logos and blimps. The second mode of distribution like media coverage, photos and word of mouth are the high form of advertising.

Methods of Employment

  1. Balloons – The balloons can be the very good option which can be a good source of publicity, or the tiverton2envelope can be constructed into a particular shape for advertising a product. As per the research conducted in the US that the direct cost of a balloon is lower in comparison to another source of advertisements like the newspaper, radio and television.
  2. Blimps – They are the useful source of advertising, and they have very slow speed and inexpensive for the fuel costs. Earlier the advertisement was being used to carry baby on its envelope.
  3. Fixed- wing aircraft – It is mainly widespread type of advertising for moving billboards, and aerial advertising is a kind of aircraft which has a single engine. The operators attach grapple hook and a towline to rear the plane. The primary job of an operator to connect the grapple for catching the banner or streamer while in the flight. The resistance of wind can be created during the natural flight course.real-estate-photographers-orange-county-360-virtual-tour-photographer-los-angeles-matterport-3d-tour-service-provider-san-diego-aerial-photography-services-seattle_008
  4. Drones – Drones are growing tools which enhance the popularity of customer grade with unmanned aerial vehicles. Nowadays drones have been used by Amazon and Google for the primary source of delivery.  Whereas the companies Coca-Cola, Paramount Pictures and many others have already used Drones in their campaigns for advertising. It is mainly used for the product distribution and carrying banners.
  5. Flogos – Flogos have solid foam type of shapes. Customizable motifs which are made out of foam. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor, but when they are realized into the air, then they can go into the air. Flogos can be modified in shapes, symbols, logos and words to meet all the needs the customers. The can be made from machines and rate of production is one in every 15-20 seconds in different sizes of almost the range of 100 cm. The name “skyvertising” has been given because it can be written in the sky as well.
  6. Banners of Helicopter – It is an incredible technique of printing many rows of fabric and later connects them to make an enormous flag. This flag is installed below the chopper for proper moving. The 20000 sqr/ft is the typical size of banner which is visible from the great distances to its viewers gives significant returns to Persona Company doing aerial marketing